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Welcome, we are Andy and Diane McMenemy.

This site contains a collection of information and research regarding the most important people in history... our family. Without them we would not be here.

If you are family or friends, this is really for you. When it's finished you will be able to keep up to date on the family research and news.

If you are not family, then you are still welcome, but I doubt this will feature among your list of most interesting sites!


Our family spreads back through time, encompassing many individual family names. Some of these we have traced back a long way, others have hit genealogical blind spots. This reveals the family trees of the various families, as I understand them at present, and the stories of those people who have made us what we are. Where relevant (or  possible) I have also included some photos, and also details of the supporting evidence for this collection.

Reversing back from my generation through the last three generations, our family is made up as follows. To start your trip through time, click on a family name and all will be revealed.

Andy McMenemy McMenemy family McMenemy family
McDonald family
Roe family Roe family
Law family
Diane Brian Brian family Brian family
Miller family
Taylor family Taylor family
Boult family

Other names that feature in the family story include: Fitzgibbons, Emm, Ayton, Farrant, Kilkenny and many others. I have provided background on these (where possible) as additional information in the particular branch of the family where they link in.

The complete tree can be viewed in this PDF file. (Though you will have to zoom in to read and traverse the tree)

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