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The Roe family has a long history in the London area. There are entries in Parish Registers going back to the 1500's for births of individuals with the family name. Like many names, the spelling has evolved, and we see instances of Row, Rowe and Roe throughout the research. (Indeed, we see Row and Roe for the same person on different records). Research has to accommodate these anomalies, understanding that many people were illiterate and the spelling of the name on any formal document was entirely up to the Registrar or Clerk who filled in the form based on the sound of the name when spoken.

I have found that tracing our Roe family back has been interesting and, so far, leads us to Joseph Row who was probably born at the beginning of the 1800's. For more information, please follow theses links:

  1. The history of Joseph Row's family and his descendants
  2. An outline family tree of Joseph's descendants
  3. Joseph Row's descendants in the Census Returns
  4. A photo Gallery (not available yet)

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